How do you choose your products and what is "responsibly sourced" anyway?

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Researching products for my store is one of my favourite parts of the job. I flick through a lot of home décor magazines, search ideas on Pinterest and generally think about how an item can contribute to a home before getting down to business and finding a suitable supplier.

Finding a supplier can be difficult. For example I  particularly love a luxurious large throw to add colour and style to a room and finding throws that look gorgeous, are a good size (I'm not a fan of small throws) and are not outrageously expensive is a challenge. When I first started looking for suitable throws I was eager to find ones made from natural fibres - we all have sensitive skin in our family - and it was during my search for large cotton throws that I began to read more and more about problems within the cotton industry and organisations such as the Better Cotton Initiative  

I was aware of problems in the fashion industry, from hearing about news like the 2013 Savar Building collapse but I hadn't really thought of the same issues in other industries, like home décor. Thinking about the supply chain, where the materials come from and exactly who might be affected by the products I buy prompted me to begin looking at the history of the products I wanted to stock- the supply chain. This led me to start looking at fair trade wholesalers, amongst others, which is how I came across the supplier that makes the gorgeous throws you can find at Ederra. They are natural, sustainable products made by a registered fair trade company.

Ederra doesn't just stock throws and I apply the same logic when choosing any products in the store and ask the same questions. Who made it and where did the materials come from? Are the steps in the supply chain ecologically and socially responsible?

I choose products I love and that I think you will love too. I choose beautiful products that are responsibly sourced.

Penny xx

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