It's Sale Season!

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I have been receiving countless emails about all the sales events coming up. Click frenzies, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday to name a few. To be honest it's quite overwhelming for me, as a small business owner/operator because my margins are pretty tight anyway to stay competitive with the big guys and to compete with those businesses that are buying products dirt cheap from ethically questionable factories. If I start giving out huge discounts I'll be operating at a loss. If I don't compete I'll miss out on sales. It's a bit stressful to be honest.

I think I've found a solution to suit everyone though. I already offer the discount code HELLOEDERRA for first time customers to get 10% off and free shipping for orders over $50 but I'm going to do more!

Instead of a thousand different sales and codes on different days and for different amounts of time I'm going to attempt to give all my fabulous customers a good deal for all orders from now until the New Year. I've activated the code FRIENDLOVE so that everyone can get 10% off any order. No catch, except you have to know about it (so probably be following Ederra on FB, Insta or reading the blog) and remember to enter it at the checkout before payment.

Use it yourself or share it with your friends. There are some great, fair trade and responsibly sourced items to give as Christmas presents, birthday presents or just because. 

Whatever you celebrate and however you do it, have a great Christmas season and shop mindfully.

Penny xx

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