5 Gifts to Suggest for Yourself

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As a mother of two smaller children (5 and 8), I've learnt it's a good idea to give helpful suggestions before any gift giving occasions (Mother's Day, birthday, Christmas etc). I know I should be grateful for whatever I get, and yes I'm working on that. In the meantime here are five things on my wishlist at the moment (you might like them too).

1. New PJ's. I specifically asked for a pair from Moonbird Designs  for Mother's Day this year (the Chai Rose set fingers crossed). As well as looking particulary cosy, they are ethical, organic, vegan and Fair Trade. 

2. Good Essential Oils. Because I suffer from a few gut issues, peppermint has become a good friend of mine. The beautiful Angela over at Essentially Audrey knows her stuff and provides ready made or DIY products.

3. Sneakers. I have my eye on a pair from Etiko Fair Trade that I plan to buy one way or another very soon. Their footwear is 100% vegan, certified fair trade, certified organic and the natural rubber is tapped from the tree. Very cool.

4. A weekender bag from Beekeeper Parade. My daughter's school bought a couple of backpacks from this amazing business a while back. The back story of Beekeeper Parade is truly inspirational. And of course they have great products.

5. Chocolate. You can never go wrong with chocolate. Ever. Here is a list of Fair Trade Brands from FairTrade Australia and New Zealand.

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