Muslin Bags - not just for fruit and veggies!

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We now stock a selection of produce bags suitable for a wide range of needs, including the beautiful Australian made Muslin bags sold in a set of 2 and the gorgeous Hemp bags (also in a set of 2).

The Muslin bags are definately a favourite of mine as they are incredibly soft, 100% organic cotton muslin and amazingly versatile. Not only can you take them to the supermarket to pack your produce but then you can use them to store your produce. Use the bag as is, or for produce that lasts even longer, dampen the bag with water and store in the fridge.

Did you know that muslin bags make great bread bags too? This is particularly true if the bread is fresh out of the oven, or still warm as the nature of the cloth allows it to breathe and stop any steam causing condensation and making the bread wet.

So, the muslin bags are great for produce, but if you are like me and my youngest daughter and lactose intolerant (or vegan or just don't like dairy), you can also use them to make your own milk alternatives. Any kind of nut milk can be made using the muslin bags as well as my favourite - rice milk. If you do make nut milk, don't throw out the pulp as suggested by so many recipes I've seen. Save it, store it in the fridge and for almond and cashew pulp - use instead of bread crumbs, bake slowly for flour or just use as you would normally use almond or cashew meal. For rice pulp, use it to make your own rice crackers.

Other great suggestions I've seen for muslin bags include taking and using them while travelling. They can double as toiletry bags, coffee or tea strainers and a laundry bag to protect your delicate items. 

I'd love to hear if you have any other uses for muslin bags......



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